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A Guide for Sexy Swingers- a little foreplay perhaps?

Updated: Jun 11

The beginning, always the best place to start, I'd love to call it the beginning, but due to the nature of this blog, id much prefer to call it 'foreplay'. Now, as I'm sure you have already gathered, this blog isn't for the easily embarrassed and is quite explicit, ( but that's why you're here, right?) 😉 so, if that's not your thing, then thiskindagirl.com is probably best left


A Guide for Swingers

Your still here? I knew id entice you!

What is this kind of girl into, and what can I expect? In all honesty, I wanted to write SEX here but refrained as that would be far too cliche. Instead, I've had a few ideas as to what I should call it and decided to settle on 'A Guide for Sexy, Savvy, Swingers'.

First up, I'm not a sex worker, dishing the details about my clients. Nor am I a relationship expert or guru. Instead, I'm an open-minded, liberal thinking woman who, over the last ten years, has indulged and explored and dived ( head first, literally) into the world of unconventional sex and relationships. Also, I am fascinated by human nature, us human beings are so damn exciting, once you scratch the surface, there's so much to discover.

If you are curious about sexual nature, swinging, intimacy and all things juicy, then you have come to the right place. I find the world of sex a fascinating place; you can't deny it, its fundamental to our existence. I have met some fruity characters over the years, and as you can expect, vanilla is not my favourite flavour of ice cream. Whether its BDSM, fetish parties, role play, being a dominatrix or golden showers your into, when you combine these, with swinging, a whole new world opens up!

I have generated my ideas about what makes a great relationship. Still, all the encounters ( some more memorable than others) I've had over the years have been useful for forming my own beliefs, values and expectations. Sometimes people ask me, how did you get into this? I shrug, oh I've always been like it. Really? They ask. Yes, I reply, without meaning to sound overly nonchalant. What I mean is I can't remember a time when I wasn't curious about why we do what we do and why we feel what we feel.

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